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Basic Business Telephone Skills

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Basic Business Telephone Skills

Here is an example of a call where active listening skills are used and a course of action is agreed. Read the dialogue and choose the right word to complete the sentences:

A: Good morning, John Sharp .
B: John, hello. Tony Mills from Mega deals here. I’ve got a problem with that last
A: A problem, did you say?
B: Yes, well the order was . We ordered 600 but when we checked the , it was obvious that we hadn’t got them all.
A: So how many were you ?
B: Well, they came in boxes of 50 and we only had 8 boxes so we’re missing 200. The thing is, it wouldn’t normally be a but you see…
A: When do you need the ?
B: By Monday; we must have them by Monday.
A: Immediately after the weekend, you say?
B: Well, we could just to Tuesday but no later because…
A: Okay, it with me. I’ll get on to dispatch and make sure you get another 200 by Tuesday at the latest.
B: Thank you, I’ll call you back if there’s a problem.