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The Origin of St Valentine´s Day

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St Valentine's Day

ACTIVITY 1: Match the words with the pictures.


    a bow and arrow - a valentine (card) - chocolates - a couple - Cupid - an engagement ring - a bunch of flowers - a heart -
to hug - to kiss - lovers - perfume and jewels - a present / a gift - to propose -  a romantic dinner - a sweetheart.
ACTIVITY 2: Watch the video and answer the following questions.
Watch the video and answer the following questions.

Q. 1     Fill in the blanks.
            "Ah, love! Well, it might not be what makes the  go , it is what make the  worthwhile. Maybe that’s 

            why billions of people throughout the centuries have seen fit to an entire to grand gestures of  with 

            Valentine’s Day, the only holiday best celebrated in ."


Q. 2     True or False? Choose the correct quotation to justify your answer!
             a.      We don’t know for sure where the tradition of Valentine’s Day comes from.                   True.    False.
             b.      Valentine’s Day contains vestiges of the early Christian Church and Ancient Greece.   True.    False.
Q. 3    The association between mid-February and romance goes back to a pagan festival known as Lupercalia, likely
            honouring either Lupa or Faunus. Who were Lupa and Faunus?
             Luppa was the  of Rome who suckled  and .
            Faunus was the .
Q. 4    How did the festivities begin?
           The festivities began with , then the ritualistic slapping of  with  

           to bestow (~ to give)  for the coming year.


Q. 5    In an effort to christianise the pagan festival, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as St Valentine’s day in …

           the 3rd century.    the 4th century.    the 5th century.    the 6th century.


Q. 6    There were several St Valentines. One lived during the 3rd century AD under Emperor Claudius II. Who was he exactly?


          a valiant soldier.             a defiant Roman Priest.            a famous doctor.

Q. 7    Fill in the blanks.

           Claudius was an  ruler. His battles required vast armies of men to  for long periods of time,
           resulting in a military that was  and . So  was Claudius to stop love from sapping the will of
           his armies, he banned  all together.
Q. 8    What was Father Valentine’s reaction?
           Father Valentine thought the ban  and he continued to .
Q. 9    What happened to Father Valentine in the end?
           In the end Father Valentine was  and .

Q. 10  Who did Father Valentine fall in love with?


Father Valentine fell in love with his jailer's .


Q. 11  Why is February 14 a special date?

           February 14 corresponds to the day .
Q. 12  Pay attention to figures and fill in the blanks.
            On average, Americans shower their loved ones with  million roses, red ones naturally, and almost  heart-shaped
            boxes of candy, not to mention all those cares, dinners and diamonds. All told, the holiday brings in almost $ billion annually,
            getting retailers plenty to love as well.