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fairy tales

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Fairy Tales - Peter and the Wolf
1. A fairy tale is a     true     not true story.
2. A villain is a   bad   good man.
3. A hero is usually   beautiful     ugly.

Match the word to the picture:
Find in the text on page 32 who is the character?
  קראו את המשפטים מי הדמות בסיפור שאמרה משפט זה? 
1. "Peter remember you must stay in the garden. It isn't safe in the forest" (line 5).  The   .
2. "I can have a nice big meal"  (line 19). The  
3. "We will help you Peter" (line 26).  The
answer true false
1.Peter listens to his grandfather
2.The cat swims in the water
3.The bird flies in the tree
4. The wolf eats the bird
5. The hunters take the wolf to the zoo
6.The wolf is standing on a tree 
 correct the false sentences in your notebook.
 תקנו במחברת את המשפטים שאינם נכונים.