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Too or Very
Complete the sentences using TOO or VERY
1. I can't eat this soup. It's  hot. 
2. The weather is cold. We can't go swimming.
3. I love you  much.
4. The man is  short for his wife. She is taller than him.
5. I want to go out but I am  tired, so I will stay at home.
6. It is  noisy in my room at night but I still sleep well.
7. I am  strong. He is  weak. I am  strong for him.
8. The woman is  beautiful. She is the most beautiful woman in the world.
9. The diamond ring is  expensive for me. I will have to buy this ruby ring instead.
10. I am  sorry that I crashed your car, but I am  poor to buy another one.
11. This tea is  hot, but I can drink it. This tea is  hot, I can't drink it.
12. I can't eat this food because it is  salty.
13. Snakes are  dangerous. I think that they are  dangerous to keep as pets.
14. I don't like watching soccer. It is  boring. I like to play it.
15. Elephants shouldn't live in zoos. They are   big.  
Ask the correct question. Use the answers to help you. Short answers are in bold.
I used to work for a marketing company as a Research Executive in Sao Paulo, but it was too boring and the pay was very little. 
 use to work? I used to work in Sao Paulo.
 stop working for the marketing company? Because it was too boring and the pay was very little.
 you taught English? Before I taught English I was a Research Executive.
 at the marketing company? No, I didn't like working at the marketing company.
Who  ? I worked for a marketing company
 working for the marketing company? I stopped working for the marketing company last year.