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Vertebrate animals

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1.) Complete the sentences and write oviparous or viviparous under each picture.
  • Viviparous animals are born from their mothers' .
  • Oviparous animals are born from .

       lionfish                    frog                    monkey                     wolf                     parrot                    tiger

2.) Classify these animals.
               bear - lion - elephant - sheep - pig - dolphin - dog - horse - eagle
  • Carnivores: , ,
  • Herbivores: , ,
  • Omnivores: , ,

3.) There are five types of vertebrate animals. Read and choose the correct option.
  • They are vertebrate animals. Most have fur on their bodies. As babies they drink milk. They are viviparous animals. 

  • They live mostly on land. They have scales or shells on their bodies. Some have four legs and some, like snakes, have no legs.      

  • These animals live in the water. They swim with their fins and tails. They are vertebrate and oviparous. They have scales on their bodies.    

  • They live both on land and in the water. They have moist skin and four legs. They are oviparous animals.     

  • These animals have got a beak and two wings. Most can fly and live in nests. They have feathers on their bodies.    

4.) Read and choose the INCORRECT picture.
   seagulls               flamingos                ostriches
          Oviparous - have wings - can fly.
          bats                   penguins                 lions
        Vertebrate - have legs - mammals.
   globefish                dolphins                      lionfish
         Swim - live in the water - oviparous.
      parrots              eagles                  crocodiles
       Oviparous - vertebrate - birds.
5.) Read and write T (true) or F (false). Then copy the true sentences and rewrite the false ones correctly.
    Snakes and crocodiles are amphibians.
   Fish and reptiles have feathers on their bodies.
   Mammals' babies drink milk.
   Birds live in the water.
   Carnivorous animals eat other animals.
   Dolphins and whales are fish.
   Oviparous animals are born from their mothers' bodies.
   Birds have fur on their bodies.
   Invertebrate animals don't have a backbone.