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Medieval Times in Europe

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Do the quiz and find out more things about Medieval Times: 

  A    The Middle Ages began …

  1. With the Fall of Rome. 
  2. When the Visigoths conquered Hispania. 
  3. When Islam became a big empire. 

  B     Medieval cities…

  1.  Were very big. 
  2.  Were surrounded by defensive walls. 
  3.  had a large population. 

  C    Manors were …

  1.  Land owned by a lord and peasants 
  2.  Medieval villages 
  3.  Large fields owned by nobles 

  D     The crusades were military campaigns by …

  1.  Arabs against the Turks. 
  2.  Christians against the Muslims. 
  3.  Turks against the Muslims and Christians. 

  E     The Anglo-Saxons …

  1.  Conquered Britain 
  2.  Conquered Gaul (Galia) 
  3.  Came from the North of Italy 

  F    What was the name of the disease that killed nearly half of the people of Europe?

  1. Influenza 
  2. The Black Death 
  3. Small Pox 
  G    Where was the plague originated?
  1. In China 
  2. In Italy 
  3. In France