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Present Tense

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  1. He usually SPEAK ) so quickly that I NOT UNDERSTAND) him .
  2. Ann MAKE ) a dress for herself at the moment . She (MAKE) all her own clothes.
  3. How (YOU GET) to work usually ? - I usually GO)by bus but tomorrow I GO) in Tom's car.
  4. Why (YOU PUT) on your raincoat ? - I GO) for a walk. (YOU COME ) with me ?
  5. I always BUY )lottery tickets but I never WIN ).
  6. (YOU LOVE ) him ? No,I LIKE ) him very much but I (NOT LOVE) him.
  7. (YOU WRITE )him tonight ? - Yes I always (WRITE) to him on his birthday. (YOU WANT) to send any message ?
  8. That car (MAKE) a very strange noise. YOU THINK) it's all right ? - Oh yes that noise NOT MATTER). It always MAKE) a noise like that .
  9. The plane you LOOK)at now (TAKE) off for Paris.
  10. What HE DO) to his car now ? - I (THINK) he POLISH )it.