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minitest - unit 14

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Unit test 14
1. Read the descriptions of things to do with the media. Write the word for each one. 
a. This person takes pictures for newspapers and magazines, p
b.You usually buy this thin book once a month. m
c. This is something that you watch on television. p
d. You use this to find out what's happening in the world. n
e. This person writes stories for newspapers and magazines, j
2. Complete the sentences with the past or present passive of the verbs.
a. Glass (make) from sand.
b. Pandas (find) in China.
c. Pizza  (eat) all over the world.
d. Famous people (interview) by journalists. 
e. The Olympic Games (hold) in Britain in 2012.
f. The first phones (sell) in the United States.
g. The computer mouse(invent) by Douglas Englebart.
h. Portuguese (speak) in Brazil.
i. This novel (write) by my famous author.
j. Bridges (build) by engineers.
3. Choose the correct word
a. When I leave school, I'd like to do  working with computers.
b. I'm bored. I don't have  to do.
c. I'm going to invite  in my class to my party.
d. I'm lonely!. There's  to talk to.
e. We need to go shopping. There's  to eat. 
Have a nice day!