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Messages 3 (Module 2 Revision)

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Messages 3 (Module 2 Revision)


1. Rewrite the sentences in a different way, without changing the meaning..Use the comparative form of the adjectives.


1. Paul isn’t as rich as Tom.

2. London isn’t as beautiful as Paris.

3.My old car isn’t as good as my new car.

4. Boys aren’t as confident as girls.

5.Gemma isn’t as moody as Kristy. 

6.Elephants aren’t as tall as giraffes.


 2. Complete the questions.Use the superlative form of the adjectives in the brackets.

1.How old is  man in the world? (old)

2.What is  animal in the world? (large)

3.What’s  place on the planet?   (cold)

4. What’s  city in England? (friendly)

5. What’s  restaurant in New York? (expensive)

6.Who’s   student in your class?  ( happy)


3.Make suggestions

1.  play some music.   –Good idea.

2. we have a look round the market?

3.Where we go for our holiday? – What about Spain.

4.  watching the football match on TV?


4. Complete the sentences with the right form and the appropriate tense of the phrasal verb GET

1.        My brother always  early: he has to walk to school.

2.        I  on the wrong station yesterday.

4.        The dog  from me while I was taking him for a walk.

4          It’s 10 o’clock. It’s time to  to business.

5.       She with children and wants to become a teacher.

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