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negotiating deals

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NEGOTIATING DEALS - vocabulary work 
Complete the questions using the correct preposition.
What sort of 
  • figure were you thinking ?
  • terms would you be happy ?
  • discount were you hoping ?
  • delivery time are we talking ?
  • time-scale are we looking ?
  • deadline are we working ?
Complete the negotiation proposal. 
Well, on a repeat order of this - 20,000 units - we'd be able to offer you what I think you'll agree is a very generous  of 17%. I think you'd also find our extremely favourable - 120 days' of course - and we'd cover any fluctuations in the   between the dollar and the euro.
We'd also be prepared to include in our quoted all costs. That is to say, we'd handle the shipping charges, insurance and all the necessary to save you doing the paperwork yourself. We would have to use the same carrier for each delivery, however, which means the would be 14 days. I hope that's acceptable to you. 
Now, all our products come with a three-year which includes full and . There's also a free 24-hour customer helpline, so your customers would be getting excellent .
I think we could also be fairly flexible on if you decided to increase or reduce your order from time to time.
So, that just leaves the question of . We normally use styrofoam containers...