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Jingle Bells

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Complete the text:

Dashing through the

In a one-horse  sleigh

O’ver the  we go

Laughing all the


Bells on bobstails

Making  bright

What  it is to ride and

A sleighing  tonight


Jingle  jingle

 all the way

Oh  what  fun  it  is  to

In a one-horse open


Jingle bells,  bells

Jingle all the 

Oh what  it is to ride

In a one- open sleigh


match both columns:

1. Dash

2. Sleigh

3. Field

4. Laugh

5. Bobtail

6. Bright

7. Ride

8. Song

9. Jingle

10. Fun


A. area  of  land

B. ringing

C. small  tail

D. going  fast

E. travel  on  horse  back

F.  sledge

G. entertainment

H. shinning

I. smile  with sounds

J. music  with  lyrics




Order the sentences:


In a/open sleigh/one-horse

We/over/go/the fields


On/ ring/ bobtails/bells

spirits/ bright/making

it is/sing/what fun/and/to ride