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Training test for 3rd grade

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                                               Test for training for 3rd grade
I.  Listen, read and tick:


Girl: Mum, it’s time for school. Where are the flowers for Miss Cook?

Mum: They’re in the vase.

Where are the flowers?


 A: Come on, you are late for school.

B: What time is it now?

A: It’s a quarter past seven.

B: Oh, no.

What time is it?

 7:30                                       7:45                                                7:15 


 Girl: I’ve got a birthday party this week.

Boy: Really? When is it?

Girl: It’s on Saturday. Can you come?

Boy: Oh, thank you.

Girl: OK, see you on Saturday at 4 o’clock.

When is her birthday?
on  Sunday                              on  Friday                                     on Saturday


A: Come on, let`s have a trolley. 

B: OK. What have we got on the list? Is there any fruit?

A: No, there isn’t but there are some vegetables.

B: Right, vegetables. And here’s the meat.

A: Yes, we are ready. Meat and vegetables.

What’s on the list?


 A: Jenny, where are you?

Girl: I’m in my bedroom.

A: Are you reading?

Girl: No, I’m not. I’m painting a picture.

A: Come on, it’s dinner time.

What is the girl doing?


A: Hey, Ani, you are very good at sporst! 

B: Yes, I can play tennis and basketball and I can ride my bike fast.

A: Can you swim?

B: No, I can’t swim.

What  can`t   Ani do?
  play basketball                    ride a bike                                           swim 


 A: Mum, where is the juice? It isn’t in the cupboard.

Mum: Can’t you see it? It’s on the table.

Where is the juice?   
 in the basket                     on the table                                  in the cupboard 

II. Choose the odd one and tick:

  Example:       uncle                aunt                    teacher                     cousin
                   1.      meat                 bowl                    bread                       eggs 
                     2.      Christmas          Monday               Sunday                     Thursday 
                     3.     tea                     milk                    water                        eggs
                     4.     write                  sugar                   read                          draw
                    5.     bowl                   dish                    basket                       yoghurt
                    6.     eat                     dinner                 lunch                         breakfast 
III.Choose the right word and fill in the text: 

In the morning

I  get up  at seven . I    my face and comb my   . I  eat my  . I  

 my teeth and    to school at half  past eight.
IV. Choose the right answer:

     It`s ten thirty                         
V. Look at the table and write.      







ride a bike



play tennis






 Example: Mark   can`t   sing.                      Amy  can  sing.
 2. Mark      ride a bike.                      Amy     ride a bike.
 3. Mark     play tennis.                       Amy    play tennis.
 4. Mark    paint.                                Amy      paint. 
 VI. Choose the correct  answer:
 Example:  I  am  eating my breakfast. 
1.There isn’t    chocolate.
2. There are  eggs in the fridge.
3. Mark is   TV.
4. We   going to school.
5.   any cakes?
6. A: What time do you get up?    B: 
7. What   Carol doing?
8. Amy  to school at 7.30.