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The Happy Song

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The Happy Song - Kate Micucci
 I am happy, you are happy;
Let us be together.
Whether the weather is rainy or sunny,
I will always be your -honey-bunny.
I am lucky, you are lucky;
Let us get together.
Whether the weather is or breezy,
I'll be there to say "Hey, c'mon, let's take it easy!"
'Cause isn't it nice to have the friends that you do?
And isn't it nice that the sky is so ?
And isn't it nice to say "I you"?
Chugga chugga choo choo woo-oo!
I am smiling, you are smiling. 
Let us together.
Whether the weather is cloudy or stormy,
I will still be there in the .
I'll make you breakfast in the morning,
Make you... pop tarts in the ,
Or hope that you like cereal!