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Pancakes recipe

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Pancakes Recipe
Fill the blanks:
  1. We need a teacup of  .
  2. Then we have to  it in the .
  3. After that we have to do de same with the .
  4. We use a  as measurement.
  5. We will also need one .
  6. After that we have to  it.
  7. You can grate some  to add extra flavour.
  8. Add some  to a pan.
  9. After cooking you can add a bit of  and   on them.
Which of the following items are neccesary to cook the pancakes?:
Whisk                               Knife                            Spoon                               Egg  
Glass                                Teacup                          Onions                               Milk 
Frying pan                        Tomatoes                      Fork                                   Honey  
Apples                             Pears                               Grater                               Butter