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Future Tenses

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Future Tenses

Future Tenses 

Decide on the right tense to complete the sentences about the future. Use the Future Simple ( will + verb ); To be going to; Present Simple; Present Continuous; Future continuous:


A- Choose the most appropriate answer to complete the sentences: 

  1. I    a good mark in my French test because I didn’t answer all the exercises.

  2. When for the airport? Is it at 8 a. m.?

  3. I promise I   you set the table, but now let me finish watching the film!

  4. Please, don’t tell my mum about this secret! Ok, I  her, but you have to do that yourself.

  5. Oh! I forgot the coat you lent me. I it now.

  6. We only have two good players! Of course we tonight.

  7. In a few hours' time I  to Brazil.

  8. My flight  at 6p.m., so I still have some time left to be with you.

  9. Who knows, perhaps in the future we  in a distant planet!

  10. Do you have Biology classes tomorrow? - Yes, I do. Tomorrow I  at 10.am.


 B- Insert the most adequate future tense:

  1. Next year we  ( live ) in our new house by the sea.

  2. I can’t be here at three because I  ( pay )a visit to my uncle at that time.

  3. I  ( wear ) the blue dress to your party on Saturday.

  4. Be careful! You  ( cause ) an accident because you are driving too fast!

  5. I  ( help ) you with all the household chores, you look very tired.

  6. I forgot my keys! I  ( ask ) my sister to bring hers.

  7. My train  ( leave ) at 3 p. m. , I have to get going now.

  8. My parents  ( buy ) a new car this year.

  9. Paul and John   (meet ) after classes to finish their school project.

  10. I think John  ( give up ) because he is not very persistent.