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Future Time Clauses

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Future Time Clauses
Complete these sentences with the corect form of the verb in brackets

1- I'll be ready as soon as you (be).

2- We'll stay here till she  (return).

3- Please, call us when you  (arrive).

4- I'm going to tell her before she  (leave).

5- I don't know when the party (start).

6- He'll drive you there whenever you  (need).

7- The moment summer here, the garden will be so beautiful! (be)

8- I am going to take the exam after I  all these books. (study)

9- He will wait for you until you . (be back)

10- Don't worry! I'll watch you while you in the lake. (swim)

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. What I expect to happen in the next 10 years of my life is as follows:

After I  (graduate) from this school, I think, I (take) a long holiday and travel in Europe. When I  (start) work, I (not/have) much time for myself. Therefore, before I  (start) work, I  (go) to England, France, Spain and Italy. If you (take) a Eurorail ticket, you can travel inexpensively. So I (not/have to/spend) too much for my travel expenses. After I (come) back to Turkey, I  (start) looking for a job.


Join the sentences and use the words in brackets

Example: We will buy it. We will have enough money. (as soon as)
We will buy it as soon as we have enough money.

We'll get there. We'll send a message. (soon after)

I would like to finish it. It will get dark. (before)

We are going to have a rest. We'll be on holiday. (while)

He will not regret it. She'll move away. (until)

Can you water the flowers? We'll leave the house. (when) ?

Get in touch with him. I'm going to write to him. (as soon as)

Come to see me. You'll feel alone. (whenever)

I will find the opener. I will open the bottle. (the moment)

We will go to the shop. We will be walking the dog. (while)

I'll have finished my lesson by noon. I'll come round. (after)