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Relative pronouns

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  • Choose the correct pronoun to fill the gap in the sentences on the right.

                             WHERE  WHICH  THAT  WHO  WHOM  WHOSE

 1. Do you know anyone could help me fix my computer?

2. A hammer is a tool  is used to knock nails into wood.

3. The shop  we usually buy our bread has closed down.

4. The boy  dog was hit by a car has not been to school for 3 days.

5. My friend,  doesn't have a cell phone, suddenly knocked on the door last night.

6. Can you please return the calculator  you borrowed yesterday?

7. The horse  was hit by the car was only slightly hurt.

8. An orphanage is a place  children who have no parents can live and be looked after.

9. I didn't realize I had forgotten my passport until I reached the airport,  was very annoying.

10. The students  test grades were low had to come back after school for an extra lesson.

11. The hotel,  is in the centre of the town, is to be knocked down and replaced by a bank.

12. The person to  you sent the letter has moved to a new address?

  • Choose a relative pronoun to complete each sentence
1.  Dallas is the city ___ Kennedy was shot.
2. Bill Clinton was the president ___ wife was called Hillary.
3. Sunday is the day ___ most people don't work.
4. Rotterdam is the city ___ has the busiest port in Europe.
5. Robinson Crusoe is the fictional character ___ companion is Man Friday.
6. Smog is the thing ___ is a combination of fog and smoke.
7. Rum is the strong drink ___ is associated with the Caribbean.
8. The Euro is the currency ___ is used in most of Europe.
9. Napoleon is the man ___ wife was called Josephine.
10. A metallurgist is a person ___ studies metals.
11. Hiroshima is the place ___ the first atomic bomb was dropped.
12. 1914 is the year ___ the First World War started.
  •  Match the main sentence with the relative clause
1. We saw the house
2. A pharmacy is a place
3. The boy
4. That's the bus
5. I hate coffee shops
6. I don't like films
7. I admire people
8. I dislike people