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Would you like to...? for invitations

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Complete the conversation with the phrases below.
 would be great - I can't - Sure, I'd love to - I'll be here at 8:30
Would you like to come? - Would you like me to - I have to take - Would you like to
Ned: Hi, Tom. I'm having a party on Friday.
Tom: What time is it?
Ned: At about 7.
Tom: Oh, I'm sorry, . my grandmother to an art exhibit.
Ned: Well, go fishing on Saturday?
Tom: Saturday? . Fishing sounds great! make some sandwiches?
Ned: Sure, that . We'll take my father's car. I'll pick you up at 10.
Tom: Mmm isn't it quite late? How about 8.30?
Ned: Sure, that's ok. . See you on Saturday!