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A or an

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               A or An

Use A before nouns with consonant sound
Use An before nouns with vowel sound
Examples: a cat, a parrot, an animal, an apple
Use an before words that begins with vowel sound.
Examples: An hour, an owl.
Fill in the gaps.
        cake                   ostrich                      airplane              cat
 watch                  pencil                              alligator        snake
  apple              egg                      snowman                   elephant
 shoe                        icecream                        train              sheep
 yacht                bird                        owl                         ant
 yarnbug                   car                       brush          bear
 door                         finger                             knee                              church  
 tractor                      insect                            girl                                ear    
 dress                         colour                            letter                             school    
 alarm-clock             flag                                curtain                          afternoon  
 woman                     umbrella                        newspaper                    rubber 
 tape                          hour                              record                           angry lion    
 flower                      friend                             easy question               morning    
Select  a  or  an 
I have got  big shirt.
She has got  orange ribbon.
I'm  Swedish girl.
He is  English boy.
What  old man!
Give me  pencil, please.
I can see  yellow car.
There is  cat.