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Comparative and superlative worksheet preview
Comparative and superlative

Comparative and superlative worksheet preview
Comparative and superlative

Comparative and superlative worksheet preview
Comparative and superlative

Comparative-Superlative Adjectives 2 worksheet preview
Comparative-Superlative Adjectives 2

Comparative-Superlative Adjectives worksheet preview
Comparative-Superlative Adjectives

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Comparative and Superlative
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               LAURA GREEN                                HANNA JONES                              RACHEL TYLER                                GRETA SIMON   
               AGE: 20                                              AGE: 21                                            AGE: 25                                                 AGE: 30
               HEIGHT: 1.65cm                               HEIGHT: 1.67cm                             HEIGHT: 1.70cm                                  HEIGHT: 1.68cm
               WEIGHT: 54 Kg                                WEIGHT: 50 Kg                              WEIGHT: 55 Kg                                   WEIGHT: 55 Kg
               SALARY: 1000$                                 SALARY: 1200$                              SALARY:2000$                                     SALARY: 2000$
1. Laura's hair is  Hanna's, but Rachel's hair is .
2. Hanna is  Greta, but Laura is  of the girls.
3. Rachel earns  Greta.
4. Greta is  Laura, but Rachel is of the girls.
5. Laura is  Greta, buy Hanna is .
6. Rachel's eyes are  Greta's, but Hanna's eyes are .
7. Greta looks  Laura, but Hanna seems to be .
8. Greta's clothes are  Hanna's clothes, but Rachel's clothes are .
9. Greta is  Hanna, but Laura is  of the girls.
10. Hanna's salary is  Rachel's, but Laura's salary is .
11. Laura's salary is  Hanna's.
12. Laura's salary is .
13. Laura is  Hanna, but Rachel is  of the girls.
14. Rachel is  Hanna, but she is  Greta.
15. Hanna is  Laura, but Rachel is .
Now, choose the correct answer:
a) I think Hanna is .................. Laura.
 a best student
 a better student than
 best student
b) I think that Greta ........................Rachel.
 isn't as attractive as
 is most attractive as
 is the most attractive
c) In my opinion, Laura is ........................of the girls.
 the most clever
 the cleverest
 more clever than
d) As I see it, Greta's job must be .................
 the more difficult
 as difficult as
 the most difficult
e) I think Hanna must be ........................the rest of the girls.
 funnier than
 the funniest
 more funny





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