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a/an, some, any

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A/AN     SOME     ANY

Complete the sentences with a/an, some or any.

  (at home)
Kevin: Mum, what do we have in the fridge? Are there  apples?
Mum: No, there aren't  apples, but there are  pears and  banana.
Kevin: Can I have  grapes?
Mum: There aren't , but you can have  orange. Would you like that?
Kevin: Ok!
 (at the supermarket)
John: Well, what do we need?
Anne: I'm not sure, next time we'll make  list.
John: Let me think, is there  coffee?
Anne: Yes, I think there's  in the cupboard. But we haven't got  tea.
John: I think we also need  fruit. I checked the fridge before coming and we only have  apple,  banana and  grapes.
Anne: Right. And we also need  vegetables. Let me think...Yes, we need  cabbage,  cauliflower,  carrots and  peas.
John: Oh, and there isn't  sugar. I'll go and get .
 (at the restaurant)
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Marian: I haven't decided yet. What about you, Sam?
Sam: I'll have  salad and  chicken, please.
Waiter: And for drink?
Sam: I'll drink  water, please.
Waiter: Sparkling or still?
Sam: Sparkling, please.
Waiter: And for the lady?
Marian: I think I'll have  boiled vegetables and  steak, please.
Waiter: Would you like something to drink?
Marian: I'll have  glass of wine, please.
 (at the doctor's)
Doctor: Mrs Wilson, you have to do more exercise, you need to lose  weight.
Mrs Wilson: What should I eat, then?
Doctor: For breakfast, you can have  cup of tea or  orange. You can also have  toast with jam, but you can't have  butter!
Mrs Wilson: And for lunch?
Doctor: For lunch, you can have  big salad,  grilled fish or  beef steak and  apple.
Mrs Wilson: Can I have  bread?
Doctor: Yes, but not much. And for dinner, you can have  soup,  grilled chicken and  orange.
Mrs Wilson: And for dessert? Can I have  chocolate muffins?
Doctor: No, Mrs Wilson, you can't have  muffins and you shouldn't eat  sweets or cakes at all.