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Slumdog Millionaire

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Slumdog Millionaire
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Watch the trailer and then read about the film and choose the correct verb to fill-in the gaps.
The film  with a police inspector in Mumbai, India, interrogating Jamal Malik is a former street child from the slums. At the opening scene, there are four options on how Jamal won 20 million rupees: A) He cheated, B) He's lucky, C) He's a genius, D) It is written. Jamal is a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He has made it to the final question, scheduled four 1 the next day, but the police are now  him for 2 cheating. The other possibilities, that he has a vast knowledge or that he is very lucky, both seem unlikely.
Jamal explains that he  the answers to most of the questions by chance, because of things that hapened 3 in his life. This  in a series of flashbacks documenting his childhood. This includes scenes of him  the autograph of Amitabh Bachchan, the death of his mother during riots in the slums, and how he and his brother Salim befriended the orphan girl Latika.
As his story , we see Jamal, Salim and Latika living in the slums. However, the children are eventually  by Maman, a gangster, who "collects" street children so that he train them to beg for money. The three children try to escape, but only Salim and Jamal are successfull 4 and Latika is re-captured by the gangster.

The brothers try to make a living, on top of trains, selling goods and pretending to be tour guides at the Taj Mahal. Eventually they return to Mumbai as Jamal wants to locate Latika. When he finds her as a dancer, the brothers attempt to rescue her but this ends badly as Salim and Latika start working for another gangster and Jamal to stay away from them.

Years later, Jamal   at a call centre, serving tea. By chance he contacts his brother Salim and finds Latika again. He tries to convince Latika to leave but she is scared so he to be at the Chhatrapati railway station every day at 5 p.m. to wait for her. One day Latika attempts to meet him but  by Salim and Javed's men.
Jamal again losses 5 contact with Latika but in a desperate attempt her again he goes on the game show because he knows that she will  on TV. At the end of the show, with one question left to win 20 million, he to the police station as no-one can believe a simple "slumdog" could know the all answers. After Jamal tells his whole story, the police inspector allows him too 6 return to the show for the final question. Meanwile 7, Latika Jamal on TV and so Salim gives Latika his car and his phone and urges her to run away. When Jamal tries to call Salim to ask him the answer to the last question, Latika answers his phone instead. She the answer either so Jamal guesses the correct answer and wins the grand prize. Later that night, Jamal and Latika meet at the railway station, and finally share a kiss.
Adapted from wikipedia.org
1. The main story is about
3. The story is told using 'flashbacks' 
4. Jamal knew the anwers to the questions because of events in his life
5. Jamal goes on the game show to win the money
6. He is arrested because the police think he cheated
7. This text is                                               8. The aim of this text is to
9. The text is based on                        
Vocabulary work
Use the words/phrases in blue and match to their similar meaning.
1. to question/ quiz someone                                          2. previous                            
3. worried/ anxious                                                          4. choices                                                         
5. persuade                                                                      6. to save someone                     
7. very big                                                                            8. tries                                        
9. to make money                                                   10. finally                               
The words in red are wrong. How can you correct them?
1. four                      fore       for  
2. for                        four       with        of  
3. hapened                happenned        hapened          happened  
4. successfull             sucesful             successful          sucessfull   
5. losses                    loses        looses           losess    
6. too                        to            two   
7. meanwile               meenwhile       meanwiel         meanwhile