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A.- Read the definitions and choose the right adjective.

  1. He wants to become the boss and have a lot of power and money
  2. Harry loves partying, meeting people and talking to them. He's so
  3. Sheila insisted on giving a party to celebrate Pete's birthday although all her friends said it was next month. She's as  as a mule.
  4. My new neighbour is really . He has lived next door for three months and he has't even introduced himself.
  5. What I like the best about my friend Jamie is how  he is. He never left me alone in my worst moments.
  6. You never know how Nadine will react. One moment she's so nice and the next she's the nastiest person in the world. She's really
  7. Be careful when you give Tess the bad news. You can hurt her easily because she's very
  8. Jeff would never be a good actor. He's so  he thinks everybody's looking at and judging him all the time.
  9. He won't tell a lie. He's absolutely
  10. He only sees his side of things. He's

B.- Which is the opposite of each adjective?                 

  1. generous              mean                   vain                                          
  2. loud                     talkative             quiet
  3. nice                     nasty                  carefree
  4. decisive               undecisive           indecisive
  5. reliable               irreliable            unreliable                            
  6. hard-working       low-working        lazy
  7. serious                funny                  shy
  8. predictable         unpredictable      impredictable
  9. optimistic           materialistic         pessimistic
  10. shy                     outgoing               selfish

C.- What kind of person would say ...?                            

  1. "I love you, honey!! I want everybody to know!"                                                    shy                     affectionate
  2. "Don't make me angry or I'll kick you"                                                                aggressive           tolerant
  3. "Everything is wrong in this school: the teachers, the students,... Everything!!"        nice                    critical
  4. "What shall I do? I can't really make a decision"                                                 indecisive            unpredictable
  5. "I can't think of anybody who's more beautiful than me"                                      self-conscious      vain
  6. "Great! Another party! Let's have fun and make new friends!"                               outgoing              moody
  7. "I'm going to spend the weekend lying on the beach. I have no worries"                  materialistic       carefree
  8. "More work? OK, I don't mind. I love working"                                                    ambitious            hard-working
  9. "Did you tell me? I can't remember. My memory is like a sieve"                             forgetful            truthful
  10. "I've got a lot of common sense"                                                                           sensitive             sensible