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animals vocabulary for kids (cut and paste exercise)
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Age: 8-17
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Fairy Tales/ Stories (14): The Princess and the Pea.
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Vocabulary Quiz

World Class 2 - Unit 3
Complete the sentences with the words below. You will have to change the form of some of the words.

global - district - cosmopolitan - descendant - chaos - manage - inhabit - migrate - live - community


1- The desk was mess, it was a  of papers and unopened letters.

2- He's well liked by the local . Everyone in this town thinks very highly of him.

3- Don't worry. I can deal with this, it's a  problem.

4- Many of them are  of the original settlers.

5- I like this part of town, and I would definitely buy a house here. It's a safer and more  residential area.

6- The population of London is very . You can meet people of many parts of the world there.

7- He lives in a poor  of London. 

8- Our company has expanded and we are reaching different kinds of markets from all over the world, so we really need to start thinking .

9- Hundreds of people from the neighboring countries try to cross the border every month. It is essential that we start doing something about illegal .

10- This is the smallest village of the state. It has only 203 .