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TOEFL ITP Written Expression 01

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TOEFL ITP Written Expression
Find the mistakes. Tick the box below the underlined mistake.
16. On the floor of the Pacific Ocean is hundreds of flat-topped mountains more than a mile beneath sea level.
17. Because of the flourish with which John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, his name become synonymous with signature.
18. Segregation in public schools was declare unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1954.
19. Sirius, the Dog Star, is the most brightest star in the sky with an absolute magnitude about twenty-three times that of the Sun.
20. Killer whales tend to wander in family clusters that hunt, play, and resting together.
21. Some of the most useful resistor material are carbon, metals, and metallic alloys.
22. The community of Bethesda, Maryland, was previous known as Darcy s Store.
23. Alloys of gold and copper have been widely using in various types of coins.
24. J. H. Pratt used group therapy early in this century when he brought tuberculosis patients together to discuss its disease.
25. The United States has import all carpet wools in recent years because domestic wools are too fine and soft for carpets.
26. Irving Berlin wrote "Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" while serving in a U.S. Army during World War I.
27. Banks are rushing to merge because consolidations enable them to slash theirs costs and expand.
28. That water has a very high specific heat means that without a large temperature change water can add or lose a large number of heat.
29. Benny Goodman was equally talented as both a jazz performer as well as a classical musician.
30. The state seal still used in Massachusetts designed by Paul Revere, who also designed the first Continental currency.
31. Quarter horses were developed in eighteenth-century Virginia to race on courses short of about a quarter of a mile in length.
32. No longer satisfied with the emphasis of the Denishawn School, Martha Graham has moved to the staff of the Eastman School in 1925.
33. William Hart was an act best known for his roles as western heroes in silent films.
34. Prior to an extermination program earlier this century, alive wolves roamed across nearly all of North America.
35. During the 1960s the Berkeley campus of the University of California came to national attention as a result its radical political activity.
36. Artist Gutzon Borglum designed the Mount Rushmore Memorial and worked on project from 1925 until his death in 1941.
37. It is proving less costly and more profitably for drugmakers to market directly to patients.
38. Sapphires weighing as much as two pounds have on occasion mined
39. Like snakes, lizards can be found on all others continents except Antarctica.
40. Banks, savings and loans, and finance companies have recently been doing home equity loans with greater frequency than ever before.