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Money Vocabulary for NEF Intermediate

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1. Complete with a verb in correct tense
                                     be worth - borrow - can't afford - charge - cost - earn - inherit - invest - lend - owe -save - take out - waste                             

My uncle died and left me $1000000.

I $1000000 from my uncle.

I put some money aside every week for my next holiday.

I money every week.

I asked my brother to give me $100 until next week. I  $100 from him. 
I often spend money on stupid things. I often  money. 
My brother gave me $100 until next week. My brother  me $100. 
I don't have enough money to buy that car.  to buy this car. 
I had to pay $1000 the mechanic to repair my car.The mechanic  me $1000. 
I went to the ATM and got $2000.  $2000 from the ATM. 
I bought a book. It was $25. The book  me $25. 
Jim gave me $100. I haven't paid it back yet.  Jim $100. 
I bought some shares in Apple.  some money.
I work in a supermarket. They pay me $2000 a month.  $2000 a month.
I could sell my house for about $200 000. My house  $200 000.
2. Put in the correct preposition.  
1. I paid  dinner last night.
2. When can you pay me  the money I lent you?
3. Would you like to pay  cash or  creadit card?
4. I spent $50  books yesterday.
5. I don't like lending money  friends.
6. I borrowed a lot of money  the bank. 
7. They charged us $60  a bottle of wine. 
3. Match the words and definitions.  
 ATM - coin - loan - mortgage - note - salary - tax
 1.  - A piece of paper money.
 2.  - A piece of money made of metal.
 3.   - Money a person gets for hisher work.
 4.   - Money that you pay to the government. 
 5.  - Money that somebody (or bank) lends you.
 6.   - Money that you borrow from a bank to buy a house.
 7.   - A mashine inside or outside the bank where you can get money.