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Complete the conversation using : must, may, may not, can’t:

A: I’m going to do bungee-jumping next week 

B: Mum, you are 80!! You be mad. You be serious

A: No, I’ve always wanted to do it. It be amazing to fall from a height

B: But anything  happen. We  see you again because you have a terrible accident

A: I know it is very safe! It be as dangerous. My friend Fred has already done it. And he is older than me

B: His heart  be in a really good condition. But your heart be as healthy as you think

A: It is very healthy.. doctors told me. I know something happen but your life be much fun if you never try it. You try it. You like it!!

B: Mum!!!!!!

Clap    Clap     Clap        Clap        Clap         Clap        Clap        Clap       Clap      Clap       Clap        Clap      Clap      Clap      Clap      Clap      Clap      Clap        Clap 

Complete the sentences using : must/can’t / might :

  1. The lights are on and I can hear the TV so hebe at home
  2. 2. She be working now. She finishes at 15.00. It is 18.00 and she never works overtime
  3. 3. I don’t know where my umbrella is. It be in my car but I don’t remember seeing it there
  4. 4. That house be so expensive. It is very old and it is in a very bad condition
  5. 5. He is so boastful!!. His girlfriend be tired of him
  6. 6. You are so gorgeous and tall. You be a model in the future
  7. 7. That blouse has really good quality. It be quite expensive
  8. 8. After so many years without a holiday, Jane be really happy with her next week holidays
  9. 9. Maybe Susan isn’t working today. She be looking after her ill daughter or she be ill herself
  10. 10. The boy she was kissing yesterday be her boyfriend because he is in a business trip