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TOEFL ITP Written Expression 04

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TOEFL ITP Written Expression 04
1. A goose's neck is a little longer that than of a duck, and not so gracefully curved as a swan's.
2. The introduction of new species of plants into the Hawaiian islands offers an opportunity to study the responsively of a natural system to stress.
3. At 1939, television programs were being broadcast in the United States, and the World's Fair of that year featured demonstrations of this advance in
4. Nathaniel Hawthorne often complained of how few material his life provided for his fiction.
5. The United States capital in Washington, D.C., developed slow, assuming its present gracious aspect, with wide avenues and many parks, only in
 the twentieth century.                                                                                                                   
6. Soapberry trees and shrubs thrive in tropical regions, and being ornamental plants in California and Florida.
7. Throughout her length career, Grace Paley has been known for her ability to capture the distinct rhythms of New York speech in her short stories.
8. Scientists usually character the disease leukemia as an overabundance of white blood cells in the bloodstream.
9. Energy research, medicinal, tourism, and copper and molybdenum mining are important to the economy of Butte, Montana.
10. The New Deal was President Franklin D. Roosevelt's program to pull the United States out the Great Depression in the 1930's.
11. Anyone rowing a boat in a strong wind knows it is much easy to go with the wind than against it.
12. From the monitoring of earthquake waves it is evidence that the Earth's outer core is liquid, whereas the inner core is solid.
13. Dictionaries frequently explain the origin of the defined word, state its part of speech, and indication its correct use.
14. The Caldecott Medal, awarded annual to the best illustrated children's book, is one award that identifies excellent books.
15. In the spring the woodcock builds a simple nest of leaves and grass in a dry, quiet spots and lays four multicolored eggs.