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TOEFL ITP Written Expression 07

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TOEFL ITP Written Expression 07
Find the mistakes
1. Some snakes have hollow teeth are called fangs that they use to poison their victims.
2. Stars derive their energy from thermonuclear reactions that take place in their heat interiors.
3. Carrie Chapman Catt organized the League of Women Voters after successfully campaign for the constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote.                                                                                                                                                                   
4. Any group that conducting its meetings using parliamentary rules will encounter situations where prescribed procedures cannot be applied.
5. The strongly patriotic character of Charles Sangster's poetry is credited about greatly furthering the cause of confederation in Canada.
6. Jessamyn West's first and most famous novel, The Friendly Persuasion, describes the life of a Quaker farmed family in the mid-1800's.
7. One inventor that Thomas Edison can take credit for is the light bulb.
8. Electric motors range in size from the tiny mechanisms that operate sewing machine to the great engines in heavy locomotives.
9. The nitrogen makes up over 78 percent of the Earth's atmosphere, the gaseous mass surrounding the planet.
10. The Mississippi, the longest river in the United States, begins as small, clear stream in north-western Minnesota.