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TOEFL ITP Structure 08

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TOEFL ITP Structure 08
1. In 1879, , Alice Freeman Palmer became head of the history department at Wellesley College.
2. United States spends more money on advertising country in the world.
3. Penicillin, probably , came into widespread use after the Second World War.
4. Although Emily Dickinson is now a well-known American poet, only seven of her poems while she was alive.
5. Thomas Jefferson served as president of the American Philosophical Society, an organization that encouraged of scientific and intellectual research. 
6. Part of the Great Plains, Kansas is famous for fields of wheat.
7. Skimming along the surface of the ocean or rising from its depths like delicate balloons, __________ to their aquatic habitat.
 (A) the perfect adaptation of jellyfish
 (B) jellyfish are perfectly adapted
 (C) jellyfish are adapted to perfectly
 (D) and the adaption is perfect for jellyfish
8. The sidereal day is the period the Earth completes one rotation on its axis.
9. rainfall in the desert is low, it is one of the most important climatic factors in the formation of desert erosion features. 
10. A strong swimmer, _____________.
 (A) that fish and seal are eaten chiefly by the polar bear
 (B) the polar bear eats chiefly fish and seal
 (C) the polar bear eating chiefly fish and seal
 (D) eating fish and seal chiefly by the polar bear
11. Helicopters can rise or descend vertically, hover, and move forward, backward,.
12. The Dallas Theater Center presents plays in two buildings, was designed by the internationally renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.
13. stem from the everyday life of common people, the most popular themes are love, jealousy, revenge, disaster, and adventure.
14. around us gives us vital information about our environment.
15. Located in Boston, in the United States was founded in 1852.