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past present vs past present continuous

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Remember that the principle for past perfect tense is [had + verb (past participle)]
Good luck, I know you can do it!!!
1. You  English before you migrate to London.
2. I such a beautiful beach ever.
3. I think I  him before you introduced us.
4.  Ember  the thank you cards already and are ready for distribution.
5.  Yelena  to walk since she turned 10 months old.
6. I  my family so much.
7.  You looked as if you  
8. Did you say that you  this lovely dress  at an expensive shop?
9.  I'm sorry but i did not have any money,  I probably 
10. It's still 8:00, but I  asleep twice.
Remember that the principle for past perfect continuous tense is [had been + verb (present principle)]
1. He  back and forth for an hour  waiting for you.
2. Meadow  "mommy & daddy" for 15 minutes now.
3.  How long to get on the plane?
4. King was tired because she for quite some time.
5. Nellie passed the exam  because he really hard .
6.  For two years he really tasty meals.
7. My family   to pursue my goals.
8.  He in the hospital for almost 5 years.
9. He to and fro this island. 
10.   They each other for 36 years.