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Infinitive complements

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I - Complete the sentences using an OBJECT PRONOUN and the INFINITIVE FORM of the verbs in parentheses. You will find the referent in the first sentence:

1) The spectators were really upset with the coach. So much so that he caused  (leave) the stadium.

2) Tina is supposed to leave for the airport tonight. They have planned for  (be) in San Francisco tomorrow at 7 am.

3) Both Anna and Laura wanted to be singers but no one expected  (succeed).

4) The students should keep silent. Have  (do) some math exercises so that they keep quiet.

5) I don't know what to do. They advised  (start) the course, but I'm not sure, it's too expensive.

6) He is a top-notch scientist and teacher. We consider  (be) the most brilliant in the entire faculty.

7) Stop trying so hard, Mom will say no. You won't convince  (give) you permission to go to the concert on your own.

8) A: Are you still mad at Rachel?

    B: Yes, and I won't allow  (come) here again!

9) A: Where are you two going?

    B: To the office. Our boss needs  (finish) some paperwork.

10) His music has a soothing effect on me. It makes  (feel) very relaxed.

II - Put the words in order:
1) me / pay / bill / gas / to / the / remind / . /     
2) old / the / asked / her /  help / me / woman / to / . /    
3) Walter / go / to / persuaded / skiing / them / . /     
4) didn't / him / job / to / we / the / get / expect / . /     
5) Brazil / to / Tom / doesn't / the / win / want / next / World Cup / . /    
6) have / me / an / Bob / to / for / arranged / interview / . /