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TOEFL ITP Structure 09

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TOEFL ITP Structure 09
1. The music on a compact disk (CD) is record by lasers.
2. Aristotle believed that everything in the universe were composed of four basic elements: earth, water, air, and fire.
3. The 1980 explosion of  the first volcanic eruption in the continental United States in over 60 years.
4. One type of Australian frog lays up to 25 eggs at a time and then swallows they for protection.
5. Static electricity ­­­­­ one cloud to another or between clouds and the ground creates lightning.
6. The Spanish introduced not only horses and also cattle to the North American continent.
7. White blood cells ar­e the largest of red blood cells and are more varied in size and in shape.
8. The Model T car, introduced in 1908, ­­­­ $850.
9. During the 1982-83 El Nino, 90 percent of Peru's fur seal pups have died.
10. St. Augustine, Florida, was founded in 1565 by Pedro Menendez and was raze 21 years later by Francis Drake.