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TOEFL ITP Structure 14

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TOEFL ITP Structure 14
Indicate if the sentence is correct or incorrect. 
1. The software should be used on a laptop computer, and this computer is a laptop. 
2. The rain clouds can be seen in the distance, but no has fallen. 
3. They are trying to sell their house, it has been on the market for two months.
4. So the quality of the print was not good, I changed the typewriter ribbon.
5. The lifeguard will warn you about the riptides, or she may require you to get out of the water.
6. You should have finished the work yesterday, yet is not close to being finished today.
7. The phone rang again and again, so the receptionist was not able to get much work done. 
8. The missing wallet was found, but the cash and credit cards had been removed. 
9. Or you can drive your car for another 2,000 miles, you can get it fixed.
10. The chemist was awarded the Nobel Prize, he flew to Europe to accept it.
1. Since the bank closes in less than an hour, the deposits need to be tallied immediately. 
2. Their backgrounds are thoroughly investigated (before) are admitted to the organization.
3. The citizens are becoming more and more incensed about traffic accidents whenever the accidents occur at that intersection. 
4. The ground had been prepared, the seedlings were carefully planted.
5. We can start the conference now that all the participants have arrived. 
6. The building quite vulnerable to damage until the storm windows are installed.
7. Once the address label for the package is typed, can be sent to the mail room.
8. Because the recent change in work shifts was not posted, several workers missed their shifts. 
9. The mother is going to be quite upset with her son as long as he misbehaves so much. 
10. Inasmuch as all the votes have not yet been counted the outcome of the election cannot be announced.