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TOEFL ITP Structure 16

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TOEFL ITP Structure 16
Indicate if the sentence is correct or incorrect. 
1. When the season starts is determined by the weather. 
2. The manual how the device should be built.
3. The schedule indicated if the teams would be playing in the final game.
4. He refused to enter a plea could not be determined by the lawyer. 
5. Talked about where we should go for lunch.
6. Why the condition of the patient deteriorated so rapidly it was not explained.
7. Whether or not the new office would be built was to be determined at the meeting.
8. That the professor has not yet decided when the paper is due.
9. The contract will be awarded is the question to be answered at the meeting.
10. He always talked with whomever he pleased and did whatever he wanted. 
1. The game show contestant was able to respond to whatever was asked. 
2. You should find out which the best physics department.
3. The employee was unhappy about what was added to his job description.
4. Whoever wants to take the desert tour during spring break signing up at the office.
5. The motorist was unable to discover who he had struck his car.
6. The voters should elect whichever of the candidates seems best to them.
7. It was difficult to distinguish between what was on sale and what was merely on display. 
8. You should buy whatever the cheapest and most durable.
9. What was written in the letter angered him beyond belief.
10. You can spend your time with whoever important to you.