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TOEFL ITP Structure 18

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TOEFL ITP Structure 18
Indicate if the sentence is correct or incorrect. 
1. No one explained to me whether was coming or not. 
2. The part of the structure that has already been built needs to be torn down. 
3. The girl who she justjoined the softball team is a great shortstop. 
4. I have no idea about when the meeting is supposed to start.
5. We have been told that we can leave whenever want. 
6. The racquet with whom I was playing was too big and too heavy for me. 
7. I will never understand that he did. 
8. He was still sick was obvious to the entire medical staff. 
9. What is most important in this situation it is to finish on time.
10. The newspapers that were piled up on the front porch were an indication that the residents had not been home in some time. 
1 . We will have to return the merchandise purchased yesterday at the Broadway. 
2. The children sat in the fancy restaurant found it difficult to behave. 
3. Serving a term of four years, the mayor of the town will face reelection next year. 
4. The brand new Cadillac, purchasing less than two weeks ago, was destroyed in the accident.
5. The fans who supporting their team always come out to the games in large numbers.
6. The suspect can be seen in the photographs were just released by the police.
7. The food placing on the picnic table attracted a large number of flies. 
8. Impressed with everything she had heard about the course, Marie signed her children up for it. 
9. The passengers in the airport waiting room, heard the announcement of the canceled flight, groaned audibly.
10. Dissatisfied with the service at the restaurant, the meal really was not enjoyable.