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TOEFL ITP Structure 19

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TOEFL ITP Structure 19
Indicate if the sentence is correct or incorrect. 
1. If not completely satisfied, you can return the product to the manufacturer.
2. Steve has had to learn how to cook and clean since left home.
3. The ointment can be applied where needed. 
4. Tom began to look for ajob after completing his master's degree in engineering. 
5. Although not selecting for the team, he attends all of the games as a fan.
6. When purchased at this store, the buyer gets a guarantee on all items.
7. The medicine is not effective unless taken as directed. 
8. You should negotiate a lot before buy a new car.
9. Once purchased, the swimsuits cannot be returned. 
10. Though located near the coast, the town does not get much of an ocean breeze. 
1. Though was surprised at the results, she was pleased with what she had done.
2. Wearing only a light sweater, she stepped out into the pouring rain. 
3. The family stopped to visit many relatives while driving across the country. 
4. The company president, needed a vacation, boarded a plane for the Bahamas.
5. When applying for the job, you should bring your letters of reference. 
6. She looked up into the dreary sky was filled with dark thunderclouds.
7. Feeling weak after a long illness, Sally wanted to try to get back to work. 
8. Before decided to have surgery, you should get a second opinion.
9. The construction material, a rather grainy type of wood, gave the room a rustic feeling. 
10. The application will at least be reviewed if submitted by the fifteenth of the month.