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Shopping Dialogue

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Shopping Dialogue Here we have two conversations. The first is between Mrs Smith and her younger son John at the shops. The second is between Mrs Smith and a shop assistant. It's Saturday morning and Mrs. Smith is going shopping. Mrs S: John, I'm going to the shops. Is there anything you want? John: Yes please! Can you pick up my magazine from the newsagents? Mrs S: Of course. Do you want to come with me? John: No way, I'm going round to Mike's house, sorry. Mrs S: No problem. I'll be about an hour, be home by 5 o'clock at the latest. John: O.K. I'll see you later. A bit later...... Mrs S: John are you home? John Yes mum, I'm up stairs. Mrs S: Come down here, I bought you a new Nike T-shirt, I want you to try it on. John Nike? Great I'm coming! A few minutes later..... Mrs S: Well, does it fit? John I think it's a bit too small. Mrs S: Let's have a look. Hmmm, I think you've grown again! John I can't wear it though. Mrs S: Do you like it? John Yeah, it's a nice colour. Mrs S: I'll take it back to the supermarket and see if I can change it. Mrs Smith had bought a nice new T-shirt for John, but when he tried it on it didn't fit. It's Saturday evening and Mrs Smith has to return the T-shirt. Mrs S: Excuse me, can you help me? Shop Assistant Yes of course, what can I do for you? Mrs S: I bought this T-shirt for my son this afternoon, but it doesn't fit him, it's too small. Shop Assistant Do you want to change it or get a refund. Mrs S: I'd like to change it for a larger size. Do you have these in large? Shop Assistant I'll just check. Let's see, yes we have large or extra large, which would you prefer? Mrs S: I think large will be fine, it's for my son. Shop Assistant That's fine, if it doesn't fit just bring it back again. If you take it to the customer service desk, they'll sort it all out for you. Mrs S: Thank you. Just as a matter of interest do you give refunds? Shop Assistant Yes, of course. You can bring any clothing items back up to three weeks after purchase, but you must keep the reciept. Mrs S: I see, thanks again. Shop Assistant: You're welcome. 5Shopping Dialogue