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Test Relative Pronouns

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Test Relative Pronouns

Choose the best answer.
1. This is the school� I used to study.
2. This test is for students �native language is not English.
3. The students �lost his bag is waiting in the office.
4. The house �they live needs repairing.
5. Children �eat a lot of candy often get bad teeth.
6. The girl �pen you borrowed neds it not.
7. Go and find the guests �arrived here yesterday.
8. Look at the horses� are drinking in the river.
9. The student� father is sick does not come to school today.
10. I ate all the cake��you gave me.
11. My brother Tom� hates fishing, will stay at home.
12. A man� name I have forgotten, came to see you yesterday.
13. I put everything in my suitcase,��is under my bed.
14. The teacher, �every student is afraid of, is really very nice.
15.This is the town� I was born.