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Test Relative Pronouns

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Test Relative Pronouns

Choose the best answer.
1. This is the school  I used to study.
2. This test is for students  native language is not English.
3. The students  lost his bag is waiting in the office.
4. The house  they live needs repairing.
5. Children  eat a lot of candy often get bad teeth.
6. The girl  pen you borrowed neds it not.
7. Go and find the guests  arrived here yesterday.
8. Look at the horses  are drinking in the river.
9. The student  father is sick does not come to school today.
10. I ate all the cake  you gave me.
11. My brother Tom  hates fishing, will stay at home.
12. A man  name I have forgotten, came to see you yesterday.
13. I put everything in my suitcase,  is under my bed.
14. The teacher,  every student is afraid of, is really very nice.
15.This is the town  I was born.