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Phases 3 Unit 1 GAMES Test

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Unit 1 Test: Games�
  1. Read the dialogue and choose the correct answer:
Emily: What �playing?
Zoe: "Pass the pigs". It`s great fun! �to play with us?
Emily: Ok. How do you play?
Zoe: You �the pigs like dice and you get points. Look, one pig is lying down. One pig��up. That`s five points.
Emily: Ok. I`ll have a turn. Look! The pigs �on their noses.
Zoe: Wow! That`s 40 points! How �that?
Emily: I wasn`t thinking about it when I��the pigs so I don`t know.�
Zoe: My uncle �it in a toy shop in London.
Emily: We �to visit London this summer. I will look for the shop.
Zoe: I`ll ask my uncle for the name of the shop. I �him this weekend.�
Emily: Thanks.�

�2. Complete with the appropriate auxiliary: is /are /do /does /did /was /were
���� �a. How often��you play board games?
���� �b. Who��your friend play games with?
���� �c.��you playing with the red or the blue counter?
���� �d. When��you last win a video game?�
���� �e. Where��you yesterday? I wanted to play cards with you!
���� �f. Where��the��chess tournament final?
���� �g.��he losing or winning?�
3. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences: �
���� �a. never / backgammon/ friends / We / played / my/ with�
���� �b. rarely / video games / because / I / I / like / play / them / do not�
���� �c. you / you / If/ lose /give up�
���� �d. did not / Our team / the / two / win / last/ matches�
4. Reading Comprehension:�ONLINE GAMING.
���������Although it all began around 1969, online gaming only became popular in the 80s, and the number of websites offering this increased considerably. World of Warcraft, launched in 2004, was soon one of the most popular together with Game of Thrones. They soon enjoyed millions
of fans around the world.
���������Why is it that so many people can�t stop playing? There are several reasons. The first one may be that young people enjoy sharing their free time with friends doing something that keeps them active and connected. Secondly, if you are studying or working and feel like relaxing a bit, online gaming is a good alternative as you don�t need to go out. You just google a website and in a question of seconds you are ready to start having fun. Also, you may enjoy challenging your friends or workmates! And if you are really good at it, online gaming may even turn into a job opening. There are interesting opportunities such as online gaming analyst.�

TICK the TRUE sentences.
Online gaming is a 21st century invention
After the 80s, there were more websited offering games.
There is only one simple reason why online gaming is so popular.
Online gaming is just a way of having fun.
Online gaming is a modern way of socialization.�
Find words in the text that mean and type them.
= started
= famous�
= search for something on the web
= people you work with