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Past simple vs. Present simple

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From the age from 6-12, the human body gets about 40 cm taller and 20 kg heavier.
 1. Answer the next sentences.
  • Did you grow taller during ummer vacation?
  • Yes    No  
  • Is your hair longer or shorter now?
  • Longer    Shorter 
2. Read and complete the chart.
 Back at school!
Today's the first day back at school.
Seeing all my friends is really cool.
Gaby has glasses and Tyler has braces.
Daniel and Rick have scars on their faces!
Gaby has short hair and Sarah's really slim.
Sarah has a ponytale and Rick is tall and thin.
Daniel's very big and I like his new clothes.
Oh, look at Carmen! She has freckles on her nose!
Everybody is different. Nobody is the same.
Oh what fun it is, back at school again! 
  • Write the meaning of these words:
1. Glasses:
2. Braces:
3. Scar:
4. Short hair:
5. Slim:
6. Ponytale:
7. Tall:
8. Thin:
9. Big:
10. Freckles:
Give me these sentences in a peace of paper.
Make a song by your own with title and relation of the song that is up.
Give me these song in a peace of paper.
Here you learned some Past simple vs. Present simple.
Write in the peace of paper the spelling mistakes. If there are no mistakes, you don't have points. 
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