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Use to, used to, didnīt use to and did __ use to?

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1. Look at the examples and complete the sentences with use or used.
I used to like milk.          I didn't use to like spinach.              Did you use to like tomatoes?
1. Jake   to be scared of spiders.
2. Katie and Ernesto dind't  to like school.
3. Jen and Dan  to have Ms. Moody for math.
4. Did Jasmine  to go to a different school?
5. Jake didn't  to like P.E.
Number the sentences that mean the same from the last exercise.
They have a different teacher now.
He likes gym classes now.
I want to know if she was at this school last year.
He was scared of spiders before.
They hated school when they were younger.
In this lesson you learned about use to: used to, didn't use to and did __ use to?.