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Unit review

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Posted Values
Unit review.
  • Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb.
1. Laast year, many children  of hunger. (die)
2. Every day, million of children  instead of going to school. (work)
3. Some years ago, UNICEF  a special campaign for protecting children. (start)
4. Today, millions of children  on less than $1 per day. (live)
5. Last year, millions of children  from hunger, disease and poverty. (suffer)
  • Complete the text with is, was or were.
At 9 o'clock this morning, Jack  playing soccer on the playground. He  guarding the goal, and his teammates  all running after the ball. Then the school bell rang for the first class. Now they  sitting in class doing math. Jack  calculating a sum, and Marion and Beth  drawing circles with their compasses.
Here you learned a review of simple past and past continuous.