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Diagnostic test

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 Diagnostic test.
Name: __________________________________________.
1. Read and select the correct option (5 points).
John and Mary  when they  the robbers go into the bank.
John  to find the police officer. The police officer  when John .
The police officer  to the bank. The robbers  gold in a bag and people  on the floor when the police officer .
The police officer  the robbers. 
2. Look and write sentences (2 points).
train hard-win local race
win local race-be the local champion
be the local champion-win the national race
win the national race-be on the national team
be on the national team- go to the Olympics.
1. If she trains hard, she'll win the local race.
3. Answer the questions (4 points).
1. What will you do if you forget your homework tomorrow?
   If I _____________________________________, I'll ___________________________. I won't __________________________.
2. What will happen of you eat a lot of chocolate?
   If _______________________________________________________________________________________________________.
This is going to be in a separated piece of paper.
4. Look and complete the questions (4 points).
NameSam Springer 
Year started  1980
 Height 1.92 m
 Jump height 33%
 Throw ball 35 m
 No. of fans 12,000
 Salary $25,000
 NameRoddy Runne 
 Year started 1978
 Height 2 m
 Jump height 33%
 Throw ball 29 m
 No. of fans 25,000
 Salary $100,000
 NameWill Wonder 
 Year started 1982
 Height 1.87 m
 Jump height 50%
 Throw ball 32 m
 No. of fans 50,000
 Salary $250,000
1. Who is     the tallest      (tall) player?  
2. Who has played basketball (long)? 
3. Who can jump (high)? 
4. Who is (popular) player? 
5. Who is  (expensive) player? 
Answer the questions (2 points).
5.  Read and complete the sentences (3 points).
Hawksbill turtles
Hawksbill turtles (find)        are found     in tropical ocean waters. These incredible turtles (know as carets and they are in great danger of extinction.
Because of their beautiful shells, they (hunt and their shells (sell illegally.
Their eggs (steal and the turtles often die because they (trap in fishing nets.
Fortunetely, Hawksbill turtles (protect)  by international laws and many people are working to preserve them. 
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