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Central Park is not the (0)_____ park in New York City, but it is the most famous. It has (1)_____in many films and TV programs. (2) ______ it is known by people all over the world. Central Park is 150 years old , and more than 20  million people (3)______ it each year. It has a large lake and many tall and beautiful trees. Some people think it is (4)______of the best places to in the country to watch birds.(5)_____-are more than 230 different popular kinds here. The park is also attractive for people (6)____ like sport. Park Drive is a 10 kilometer road around the park and it is used (7)____running , cycling and skating. In the summer months you (8)______ see concerts , plays and film shows nearly every weekend.

0   A) big   B) bigger  C) biggest 

1.   A) been    B) was  C) be 

   A) so     B) but   C) if

  A) visits  B) visting   C) visit

A) few  B) one  C) some

5   A) There  B) They     C) Here

6 A) where  B) which  C) who

7   A)  as B)  for   C) by

8   A) must B) should   C) can