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Vocabulary Practice

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I - Use the nouns corresponding to the verbs in parentheses to complete the sentences:
Example: Are there further developments in the investigation? (develop) 
1) If you want to sell your car, you should put an  in the local newspaper. (advertise) 
2) During the winter, gas and oil  increases. (consume)
3) A: He works as a software  . (develop)
    B: How interesting! But does he work freelance?
    A: No, he's an , like the rest of us. (employ)
4) I wasn't planning to spend all my savings but buying that apartment seems to be a good . (invest)
5) Being a  carries a lot of responsibility. (manage)
6) In the 1930s thousands of Americans lost their jobs and their homes. It was a time of massive . (employ)
7) The  of cheaper bicycles may get people's attention and help reduce pollution. (produce)
8) I wanted to buy a purse online but the  cost was too high. (ship)
9) Stop buying things you don't need! I didn't know you were such an impulsive . (buy) 

II - Choose the correct answer:
1) When business is doing well, we can say it is .
2) If sales suddenly drop, we can say that there was a  in sales. 
3) When advertisements are effective, sales can
4) What's the point of denying it? Inflation continues to be  and nobody is doing anything about it.
5) A: Do you think the economy can improve in the following years?
    B: No, actually, I think the situation will .