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Present Perfect Test. Sign up 3B
 1) This is a letter Kylie sent to her friend, Rebecca. Read the letter first, and then complete the activities.
 A) Multiple Choice

a. They met in :

b. They met when they were:

c. They became friends in:

d. They have been friends for:

B) Complete with the missing verbs: have started, have gone, have done, have visited, went, have learned, did not go

C) Choose the correct option.

A) I have known my friend Rebecca for ten years. We first met at primary school. At first, we weren’t friends. Two years later, we discovered that we both liked techno music and Green Day, so I invited Rebecca to come to my house. We listened to my CDs together and soon became best friends.

B) Recently, we very few things together because we are very busy at school. We to a concert; Iher at her house and we Italian for 6 months but I to the course anymore because I to work. I to her house yesterday to have dinner with her.

C) Two years ago, I spent a week in hospital and Rebecca to visit me. But then, last year Rebecca’s father his job, and they moved to another city. From then on, we each other very much, but we on the phone once a week and we e-mails to each other.


2) Circle the correct answer/s. (sometimes more than one are possible)

a. Have you finished the homework already / yet ?

    I have already  / just  / yet  finished the Math, but I haven´t finished the History already  / just  / yet .

b. Don´t touch that wall! My father has already  / just  / yet  painted it!

    It´s too late! I have already  / just  / yet  touched it!

c. Would you like something to eat? I haven´t prepared anything already  / just  / yet  ,I can cook something for you.

     No, thanks. I have already  / just  / yet  eaten a snack.

d. Have you never  / already  / ever  been to another country?

    Yes, I have. I have been to the UK for a month.

e. How long have you  / have you ever  been friends?

     We have been friends since primary school. It´s quite a long time!

f. They have decided not to have babies yet because they have ever / never / just  got married.

3) Make the sentence: RESPECT PUNCTUATION RULES.
a. Lily/ ever/ have a car?  
b. We/ never / enjoy a party / so much.
c. The students / study / a lot for this test.
d. you / ever/ dye/ your hair purple?  
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