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Revision Module 6 Grade VII

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revision unit 6 grade VIIRevision Module 6 Grade VII
                                           REVISION Module 6 
 1. Complete the sentences. Use must / mustn't.
  1.  You forget to do your homework regularly.
  2. You be nice to your classmates.
  3. Youwear warm clothes when it is cold outside.
  4. You chew gum in class.
  5. You  study hard if you want to pass your exams.
  6. You fight with your classmates.
  7. You play football in the classroom.
  8. You listen to your teacher very carefully.
  9. You forget your best friend's birthday.
  10. You  be rude to your grandparents.
  11. You go to the dentist's twice a year.
  12. You stay in bed when you are ill.
  13. Youfeed zoo animals.
  14. You  brush your teeth three times a day.
  15. That's a poison arrow frog. We  touch it.
  16. I'm very dirty. I  have a shower.
  17. You have got a high temperature. You  go to school tomorrow.
2. Complete the sentences. 

1. On a rainy day you  take an umbrella.
2. Tom  eat so many lollipops. It´s bad for his teeth.
3. I drink hot tea if I have a sore throat.
4. They have a test tomorrow. They go to the cinema . They stay at home and study!
5. Children  eat lots of vegetables but they  eat lots of sweets.
6. You eat healthy food. You eat fast food. You watch so much TV.
7. You walk 1 hour a day.
8. You drink fruit juice and water.
9. You  drink wine or beer.
10. You  listen to your teacher. 
11. It's really hot. You  sit in the sun.
3. Match the words. Put the number of the word in column A in front of the word in column B. 
       A                                   B
1. a packet                   of paint
2. a carton                   of biscuits
3. a cardboard              box
4. a can                       of fruit juice
5. a bottle                    bags
6. plastic                     of water

4. Climate changes. Rearrange the sentences.
The ice in the Antarctic melts.
They don't recycle paper.
When they destroy forests the climate gets warmer.
The land disappears.
People cut trees to produce more paper.
People use a lot of paper.
The sea level rises.
They destroy the forests when they cut trees.
 Teacher Ljupka