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Posted Values


My daughter  likes to dress   without my help.

I taught to play the guitar.

My cat  always like .

He accidentally cut  while was chopping  the vegetables. 

She bought a present  for .

We helped to the free drinks at the launch party.

They injured during rugby match. 

I enjoyed at the concert.

The dog is scratching .

Jane, the author signed the book for me .

I did it all .

He cooked a French toast.

We taught   French.

I repaired the tire  

They did the homework

brother spoke to his boss about a raise. 

Jacob went to the party by

Emma was sitting by herself.

I didn’t have my umbrella  so Martha lent me hers.

Her car  is faster than mine

That food  is ours not theirs.

I know this drink is yours but I need to drink something

I saw a friend of yours last night.

The horse  swishes tail to keep flies away.

This dessert  is but you can have it.

Please return money  at once.

) car  is dirty I can’t even tell what color it is

When the cat saw the dog,  it stopped in tracks.