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SIgn up 3B, UNIT 6. Adjectives vs Adverbs. Comparison of adverbs.

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Sign up to English, Unit 6. 4th year written test.
Adjectives vs. Adverbs. Comparison of Adverbs.
1) Adjective or adverb? Choose the correct option.
   a. When you are at the library, you have to speak 
   b. This exercise is not  enough for me, I can´t do it.
   c. It was a  concert, the choir sang .
   d. The party was ! Nobody danced, and everyone left early. It was  organised byJim. 
   e.  I think I did  in the English exam. I studied really .
2) Make adverbs from the adjectives below and complete the sentences. There are TWO EXTRA words.
 careful / quick / easy /quiet / clear / hard / terrible / fast / good       
  • Robert runs very . He´s a very good sportsman.
  • Please, drive . There´s a lot of traffic in this road.
  • We´ve got a very good teacher. She always explains things .
  • Children, speak , please. You´re very loud.
  • My sister always makes friends . She´s very sociable.
  • He´s training really  for the next competition. He wants to win it.
  • The project was designed by the architect. Everything went wrong.
    a. I speak Spanish most fluently   more fluently than  English,
    b. I get up the earlier  the earliest  in my family because I go to school far away from home.  
    c. This was the best  the goodest   she has ever performed.
    d. We travel the most comfortably more comfortably  in a car than on a bus. 
    e. He lied to you. That was worst than   worse than   telling you the horrible truth.  
4) Complete using the correct COMPARATIVE or SUPERLATIVE form.
I admire my big brother the most. He was  (good) at speaking Italian in his class. He was much  (good) I am now, but I´m okay with it because I´m not jealous.  He was a member of the athletism club. At first he didn´t like it so much, but in the end he ran  (fast) in the team and he won many medals. 
He is very responsible. He gets up  (early) in the house, walks the dog and prepares breakfast. The rest of the family gets up (late) him. My father trusts a lot in him, that´s why he lends him his car to go out. My father says that my brother drives  (carefully) him; that´s probably because my father drives  (fast) in the world! My brother drives (slowly) him, instead.
What I admire the most about my brother is how he works  (hard) anyone else to get what he wants. That is probably the reason why he always does  (well) in everything and never  (badly).